[FREE/OS] Android Palette Color API || Extract [ Vibrant, Light Vibrant, Dark Vibrant, Muted, Light Muted, Dark Muted, Dominant] Colors From An Image

Palette Color

It simple and useful extension to extract [Vibrant Color, Light Vibrant Color, Dark Vibrant Color, Muted Color, Light Muted Color, Dark Muted Color, Dominant Color] colors from an image, it is depend on Palette lib.

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Any property block [Default+Name Of Color] that is mean this color will be returned if [Name Of Color] is not exist in image.





Nice extension,
If possible so please create android theme color extension
ex. android 13, 14 if we set home background wallpaper so theme collect automatically wallpaper colors

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@mahmoud_hooda you can use WallpaperManager class to get system wallpaper as bitmap, maybe that could help. It may also work under android 12 since dynamic theming is only for android 12 and above

Something like that :point_down:

You can use this extension