[free/OS] Crack The Code - APK + .aia

Hi all !

(I use Google Trad, sorry if my sentences are not all understandable)

I present to you today a mini puzzle game! Crack The Code !

As its name suggests, you will have to decipher a 4-digit code. And for that, you will have to follow the instructions that will appear on each of your attempts.

Y followed by a number corresponds to the number of well-placed digits.
X followed by a digit corresponds to the number of misplaced digits.
If Y and X display 0, then you have no correct digits.

You can download the game directly from the playstore at this address:

And I also give you the .aia, you are free to modify as you wish, to improve it, to do what you want!! Feel free to share your changes!

In the .aia file that gives you, I voluntarily deleted the Airtable data for the scoreboard, I attach a screenshot to help you reproduce the same thing, but have your personal data.

Here are some screenshots of the game, but nothing better than trying it out for real!


Thanks go to :

@dora_paz and @Still-learning for all the help they gave me
@Sumit1334 for CustomTextView and CustomListView extensions
@Shreyash for Phase extension
@yusufcihan for DynamicComponents extension
@zainulhassan for AlphaDialog extension

Links :

APK >> Google Play Store
AIA >> CrackTheCode.aia (969.8 KB)

Thank you all !


Interesting. Need test :grinning:

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Don’t hesitate to give me feedback to make improvements! Thank you :grin: