[Free/OS] Flip Animation Extension || An extension for Animating component by flip technique

Flip Animation

Hello everyone Today I am going to launch again my new extension that is Flip Animation This extension animates the visible component by flip technique (See the example or preview below)
Lets see the documentation and some blocks

All Blocks


component_event (13)

This event raises when animation end or component flipped

component_event (14)

This event raises when animation starts

component_method (30)

This method block do the animation for given component , duration and given direction


These are all property blocks that gives the direction

Usage Example





Click to Download AIX

Open Source


Thank always Kodular for being with myself
Suggestion and issue are welcome

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Thank You All


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Nice extension :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Multiple cards at the same time. Look at the "when any FlipAnimation.Animation End block. It has two component options to choose from. Both work. But i wonder if that is caused by your extension?

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oh so nice extension :boom:

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Thanks @Peter for using my extension I am very happy because it’s my pleasure that you have used my extension


Its a greate extension @Sumit1334.
@Peter Its not a bug or some error.
One component comes as default by “Any Component” block and it represents the extension.
The other component here is coming from the extension. Its the first parameter.

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But It would still be better to rename component parameter to something else to prevent confusion.


Yeah, it would be great… @zainulhassan

I am scratching my head after seeing you are coming up with so many cool extensions almost every week… I am loving it great work @Sumit1334

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I have renamed the component parameter to view
Download the extension again from the top of post


A very good work… feel very excited. One thing I want to share where there is a text on button, it also flip which feel very odd…any option to restrict text not to flip only button flips.

It flip the whole view and text is not a view in it so text can’t it is not possible to flip only button


I think this animation is part of Phase, but useful if this is the only needed animation :slightly_smiling_face:

I had tried phase once and I had seen there flip animation and I have checked it. It is some different from it. You can try. AFAIK, Also phase has only one direction, and this extension has 4 direction :sweat_smile:

Nice extension :relaxed:

hi create a clock!
flip duration to 1sec and clock to 500ms and change the image!
Try It!!!

Hmm it’s good but I will add the new flipped event in next update of this extension that will occur when view will be flipped

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New Version 2

Block Added

component_event (17)

This event occurs when view flipped it is the moment between animation starts and animation end if you want some change in your view then you can use this event

Update the extension to the latest version to get this event
Thanks for using my this extension
Cheers :grinning: :grinning:


Is the updated version the link in the first post?