[Free/OS] PayU Payment API Based Extension

Yes File Is Needed

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Razorpay Published

I need tha extension please

@HERALD_BLANCO Here is The Extension and Script

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thanks,that is a big step for me

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Please change the success URL given by you( https://sashibhusan.atwebpages.com/sucess.html to https://sashibhusan.atwebpages.com/success.html. Literally this was a confusing for me.

https://sashibhusan.atwebpages.com/success.html is the actual URL.

Okay Thanks

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hey the url you have provided is not working…I want to redirect user to my custom url after successful transaction…how can I do that?

May I know Which URL is not working @Lakshya_Pratap1

This one “https://sashibhusan.atwebpages.com/success.html” … It redirects me to awards pace pricing page

Sorry For Inconvenience I have Left That Website Now I am Using Godaddy

But plz tell me…I want that after successful transaction something triggers and I can use that to carry on the results…Thanks God I tested this by myself otherwise it may have created a big problem for me. Hope u understand

You Could Also Use Your Own Website

Plz tell me how?

Okay In Award space or 000webhost @Lakshya_Pratap1

Nice extension :grinning:

Your extensions are :



You didn’t get it…tell me what changes I have to do in the extension…and kodular

Thanks For Support

First I would Recommend to use Your Own Hosting

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