[Free/OS] PayU Payment API Based Extension


This Extension Creates Paytm Payment using PayU gateway
I had Some Issues With Test Payment Which would Be Solved In 2.0

Therefore I did not add Testing option in script
Instruction and Blocks


 "name": "domainUrl",
 "type": "text"

 "name": "merchantKey",
 "type": "text"

 "name": "salt",
 "type": "text"

 "name": "phoneNo",
 "type": "number"

 "name": "firstName",
 "type": "text"

 "name": "lastName",
 "type": "text"

 "name": "email",
 "type": "text"

 "name": "amount",
 "type": "number"

Gives The Generated Link

This Gives The Address Of my domain Just go to Usage To understand

  1. Create An Account in Production (https://payu.in/)

  1. After Creating Sign In With Your Password and Email

  1. PayU Dashboard Would Appear

  2. Click On Payment Gateway

  3. Click on Generate Merchant Keys

  4. After generating Merchant Id And Merchant Keys
    Copy The Details To Notepad

  5. Edit The Details in Blocks

  6. Upload To Your Hosting The Full Script
    I use AwardSpace


This Extension Can Be Used with The Inbuilt Component WebView Like This

To Get The Success or Failure Event Use this


Script : - payu.zip (903 Bytes)
AIX :- PayU.aix (4.8 KB)


PayU by @PayU
:kodular:odular by @Kodular
AwardSpace By @AwardSpace
CustomWebview By @vknow360


sashibhusan1977/PayUAi2Extension (github.com)

  1. All My Extension Is Going To use POST instead of Get i.e Paytm Payu Razorpay
  2. All My Extension is going to use Encrypted Data Sending
  3. Razorpay Will Be Scriptless No need of hosting
  4. Paytm 2.0 (Asteroid Belt) is Going To be Released Between
  5. PayPal Would Be published Between

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I would Recommend To use @vknow360 CustomWebview

Not Having Domain Try Awardspace or 000WebHost


Nice extension

Which Gateway Should I add

Payment Gateway
    1. Razorpay
    1. Paypal
    1. Instamojo
    1. PayU
    1. Stripe
    1. Any Other Payment Gateway Reply here

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As I have Decided Razorpay Would Be next Gateway

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Nice work
I am waiting for razerpay payment gateway

Why run a vote if you’ve already decided :business_suit_levitating:

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can u give toturial for uploading php file to awardspace I am very confused

just For next next gateway

May I know The Names Of gateway Here

It will be great if you add blocks like payment failed, payment successful, payment cancelled, etc.

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Yes I know This bug This would be released on 2.0

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@Enderman , you missed naming convention here in url param.
It should be url instead of URL :sweat_smile:


Thanks It Would be Updated in My both of the Extension in 1.2

How’s razerpay gateway work going

I have Completed The Script and Extension Only Making the docs is left I would publish Within this Day or Tommorow

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Please add Paypal…

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That’s really good one @Enderman .

I’ve made Razorpay payment gateway as well. but couldn’t post here, coz I’d been so busy these days.
I’m sure your extension is going to be great one. So, I let you post that first :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay @Victor_Ken I would Try My Best for PayPal

I will Continue To be Open Sources For all My Extension

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Hi, Nice extension. i have one doubt that php file u provided is this success.html file? that we have to use to check the payment success or not

I don’t know if I can help you

([FREE] PayPal: make payments in your app)

This Uses SDK I am Trying With API