[FREE/OS] Repositioning Tools extension

How to bring button-1 forward

There is a method to bring components forward, i can use it :wink:

ok , thanks a lot
:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
next update we can got it :thumbsup:

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It isn’t hard, i’m stuck in a harder point :sweat:

Let’s find a solution to the problem, you have given a lot of good extensions, let’s have a bright future. :thumbsup: :

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Good morning / night every one :wave: After long time of waiting ( i really apologize for it :sweat: ) i’m really happy to say that:

Version 2 is out :partying_face: :partying_face:

Unfortunately, i expected to make more new features, but i temporarily removed them because of some problems and of the time i should finish the update the extension in, they should be added again in the next updates :wink:

New Features

1- New Dragging event, it would be helpful for any one willing to make some effects while user is dragging:
component_event (12)
2- New error Event, it will allow you to detect any error happens while the extension is executing:
component_event (13)

Bugs Fixed

1- The Card View component wasn’t getting dragged from its edge , know you can drag it anywhere you want , and it supports fullclickable card views as well ! thanks for @Vaibhav @topgatgets @sonumohammad333
2- Unregistering a component that you’ve not registered caused some errors , those are now solved.
3- Some internal errors fixed.


1- Now the component click method will be called when you registered a component for dragging.Thanks for @Aditya_Singh @ADDYLIN @saisab_29_6_2000

2- Improved the process for registering / unregistering components.
3- Optimized code and removed some unnecessary imports.
4- Some minor changes.


1- Changed the property default value from 0 to 20.
2- Added Card view component to the test aia
3- added error log option in the test aia

I would like to thanks you all for your suggestions and bugs reporting, i really apologize if i missed a feature or a bug fix you said. I made this update in hurry so it may have some bugs, so if you encountered a bug , please report it to me here :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your patience ,
Mohamed Tamer

You will find the extension link above


Finally!!! :smiley:

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Take it -


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Thanks for the update! :star_struck:

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All of the download link are now updated to Version 2! I hope you like it :grin:

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This just gets better and better. Well done.

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hum,it’s working properly but please add z-axis feature :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

card view fullclickble feature are not working :thinking: :drooling_:sleepy:

The extension uses z aixis for shadows . But i’ve implemented that the component go infront any other componets ,but unfortunately, that made some other component changes it’s position

Strange, i’ve test it yesterday and it was working :thinking: let me try it again :wink:

Just tried, and it’s working properly :thinking: Can you try the test aia ? i’ve enabled the FullClickable property of the card view there.

no, it’s not working , please check again please :pray:t2: I can’t finish my project without this feature :pray:t2: :pray:t2: :pray:t2: :pray:t2:

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Repositioning_Screen1.ais (2.0 KB)

Please Check It

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Did you update the link? @Mohamed_Tamer

Seems it is still version 1.

Edit: Oh, the extension is updated but the version/ versionName is not updated.


I found that if there’s any component in the card view it won’t work, even not working by dragging the edge.

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For me it seems like it’s updated :thinking: that’s strange?

I think i’ve located the reason of this error and fixed it :wink: , it wasn’t happening with me because i’ve enabled full clickable property

Nice to see the new Update and you are continuously working on it :+1:

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