[FREE/OS] Repositioning Tools extension

i can not drag FAB buttton with this extension, why?


Because it isn’t a visible component.


Any progress here?

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Yes, there is! Just now, I’ve created another bug fix for the card view, that completely fix all of its bugs.TBH, the old fix was just a work around and not a good one :grin: this one is kinda better!

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Oh…Nice to hear that… When is the update?

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A new update is here :cowboy_hat_face:

Hello! Another bugs appears with this extension , hopefully, this update would fix them :smile:

Introducing Version 2.1

What’s new

1- a new DragComponent block to drag the component to any location on the screen:
component_method (94)


1- Optimized the source code again and reduced the extension size by 2.1 KB :grin:

Bug Fixes

1- Fixed a bug when dragging the card view with full clickable set to false , Thanks to @WatermelonIce
2- Fixed a bug when dragging a full clickable card view with components inside,Thanks for @topgatgets , In fact, it was a one fix that fixed all of the bugs with the card view component.
You will find the download links above

Thanks :grin: !
/Mohamed Tamer


Updated the first post :smile:



(15.9 KB)


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Sorry ,i’ve pasted the extension there and forgot to remove it’s size :grimacing::grimacing:


thanks for this! this will be very useful

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how to limit the dragging area?

You can try adding your component inside an arrangement, the component won’t go outside it :slightly_smiling_face: On a future update you would be able to limit the dragging area.

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I have try it, but still can dragging out of the Arrangement

can we set the maximum dragging ??

i mean that can we allow user to only move the component for a fixed distance. @Mohamed_Tamer


@mohamed_tamer sur i have sent you a PM.

Hi @Mohamed_Tamer i want to send you an pm but can’t so can you send me a message


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