[FREE] ReadMoreTextView Extension

You’re welcome @Md_Tohaa

How can i do like this?

I know it’s possible to do it this way but I want it to show automatically according to the space. Like Nio-tron which has an option called Ellipsize (End).


I dont want to expand it…just want to show text with 3 dot by its space/maxline

this can be done without extension

You can do that by using length and segment text blocks.



Use if then condition, if length of text is greater than a specified number of charecters then segment the text and join with 3 dots.

Please read full topic again

@Still-learning can i do this using this extension?

I want to show text by maxline…not charecters…

You can do that by using this extension by setting maximum lines but instead of 3 dots u will get See More text.

If the extension developer add one more field to set text of see more button, this extension will be more useful.

If i set
... here?

You can set expandText as ... for doing this job

Can i set textview non clickable?

Ok, I’ll add a new option to turn off/on click mode.
So you can do the job more easily.
(Thanks for the idea)

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Also if possible add option to set text for button. For eg. Instead of see more button if i want to set read more or 3 dots.

So this will give users more customisations.

this features already available, you can set what you want

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Also add an option for custom font typeface.Then it will be completed extension @JEWEL


or you can add these type of blocks…
I dont know this extension is working on kodular or not…

Amazing, you are JEWEL of Kodular

Hey, @Md_Tohaa

I have made an extension for you, to truncate the given label text to fit in the given max lines.


com.thekstudio.EllipsizeLabel.aix (4.6 KB)

Note: I have no plans to release this extension in a new topic, hence I am posting it here as this is most appropriate topic for this extension. Enjoy!


Could you please provide its source code?