How to add 3 dots at the end of text

How can I add three dots at the end of a text so that they appear only when the text exceeds the available space? I know that I can add them after a certain number of characters, but I want the text to be displayed in full within the available space and the three dots to be added only when necessary.

@Still-learning Can you help me do this?


here global name is , the text… instead of 75 you can use any number according to your wish

I know it’s possible to do it this way but I want it to show automatically according to the space. Like Nio-tron which has an option called Ellipsize (End).


I can do it by adding the max line but how do I add the 3 dots at the end?

in kodular , so for i know that much … may be some one could help you… Inkodular i used to count the text, then i will fix the maximum length then if it exceeds i will trom the remianing length and will replace it wilth dot as shown by above picture…