[FREE] ReadMoreTextView Extension

[FREE] ReadMoreTextView Extension

Using the ReadMoreTextView is very easy, it’s just functionality added to it for showing read more and read less. you can set the default number of lines for the TextView collapsed state.You can easily set text content for “Read More” and “Read Less” and can set color to differentiate read more text content.

Create Text View

Using this blocks you can create ReadMoreTextView in a HorizontalArrangement. Also you can design the text view with your need.


  • view - AndroidViewComponent
  • text - String
  • text Color - Integer
  • text Size - Integer
  • maximumLine - Integer
  • collapseText - String
  • expandText - String
  • color Code - String/Integer


This event will be triggered when user clicked on expandText.



This event will be triggered when user clicked on collapseText.


Demo ↓


:receipt: Extension specifications:

com.jewel.readmoretextview.aix (14.4 KB)
:hammer_and_wrench: Version: 2.0
:earth_asia: Released On: 05 May 2023 (GMT+06:00 Bangladesh Standard Time)
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Nice extension.

This can be done without extension also, by comparing text length.

May be, but this free extension help you to do the job very easily & shortly.
It’s also provide you click events.


Thank you so much! I was looking for this type of extension. I also requested @Sumit1334 to make one.

You’re welcome @Md_Tohaa

How can i do like this?

I know it’s possible to do it this way but I want it to show automatically according to the space. Like Nio-tron which has an option called Ellipsize (End).


I dont want to expand it…just want to show text with 3 dot by its space/maxline

this can be done without extension

You can do that by using length and segment text blocks.



Use if then condition, if length of text is greater than a specified number of charecters then segment the text and join with 3 dots.

Please read full topic again

@Still-learning can i do this using this extension?

I want to show text by maxline…not charecters…

You can do that by using this extension by setting maximum lines but instead of 3 dots u will get See More text.

If the extension developer add one more field to set text of see more button, this extension will be more useful.

If i set
... here?

You can set expandText as ... for doing this job

Can i set textview non clickable?

Ok, I’ll add a new option to turn off/on click mode.
So you can do the job more easily.
(Thanks for the idea)

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Also if possible add option to set text for button. For eg. Instead of see more button if i want to set read more or 3 dots.

So this will give users more customisations.

this features already available, you can set what you want

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Also add an option for custom font typeface.Then it will be completed extension @JEWEL