[FREE] Simple Maths - Math Puzzles & Quiz V5.0


Hi Koders!
I created this game named Simple Maths (Just for Fun :blush:). Its a basic math puzzle game.
Please feel free to share your feedback & suggestions.


Release Notes

Last Updated On : 2022-09-16T18:30:00Z

Sep 17 2022
  • Some Minor Improvements.
  • Bugs Fixed.
Aug 5 2022
  • Improved UI.

Known Issues


Download Link

Google Play Store : Simple Maths V5.0 (7.4 Mb)

Please keep the app updated to the latest releases to avoid unexpected errors and bugs. If you still find any errors or bugs, feel free to share with us.

AIA File

Sorry but, I am not providing & selling aia files. Be aware of fraud messages and mails.


Is Aia File available for everyone?

I am not providing & selling any aia files. Beaware of fraud messages and mails.

Which database i used?

I used both Google Firebase Realtime Database as well as Airtable.

Thanks :blush: for reaching out to this topic.
#Made with :kodular:


Just for fun :heart_eyes:

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Only one account is allowed in the community. Which one should I delete @AppyStudio or @Appy_Studio ?

@Appy_Studio its not my account.

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New update!!!

can’t you share aia file?