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The FocusComponents extension, designed for Android app development, aims to enhance user experience in tutorials by focusing on specific UI components. This extension proves especially effective for educational or instructional applications where guiding the user’s attention is crucial. The extension highlights elements with explanatory text, ensuring components are within vertical or horizontal arrangements for optimal functionality.



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SetPadding (Optional):

Positive or negative values to increase or decrease the rectangular hole.

SetFocusColor (Optional):

Background color for blur.


This function is pivotal for the extension’s operation. It focuses on a list of components, each paired with explanatory text.


  • List componentsList: A list of components to focus on.

  • List textsList: Corresponding explanatory texts for each component.


Upon execution, this function clears previous component settings and repopulates the focus list based on the given components and texts. It calculates and stores the X and Y coordinates of each component. It then initiates the focus process on the first component in the list.


  • None


This event is triggered when an error occurs within the extension, providing a custom error message.


  • Text errorMessage: The custom error message indicating what went wrong.


ReportError is essential for debugging and user feedback. It helps in understanding issues during runtime, allowing developers to address them effectively.


  • None

Usage and Limitations

To ensure the FocusComponents extension works correctly, it is important to place components within vertical or horizontal organizations. This structuring is crucial for accurate positioning and highlighting of components, as the extension calculates coordinates based on the parent container’s layout. Failure to do so may result in imprecise focus alignment or unexpected behaviors.

In conclusion, the FocusComponents extension is an innovative tool for creating interactive and educational Android applications. Its ability to guide users’ attention through focused components and explanatory texts makes it invaluable for tutorial and instructional app development.

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