[FREE] TextAnimation Extension

Hi I’m Release My 4rth Extension TextAnimation.

   you can create text as awesome 
  effects, This Extension only one block.
 You Can Control Text Animation in Touch Left to Right Swipe.
  More blocks Soon Next Update.

Picture of blocks

instructions to use extension

Layout ~ layout.
text ~ String text, NOTE Multiple line Not Support.
bgColor ~ String, use hex color Example- ff0000.
reverse ~ boolean, true or fase, You can set true to text as create animate and reverse animate, Use false to reverse animation visible false.
repeat ~ int, set 1 or 0. use 1 to
animate loop and use 0 to
one time create animation.
delay ~ int, use specific time in Second. Exp - 5.
fontSize ~ int, use fontSize of your text.
textColor ~ String, use textColor of text example - ffffff.
shadow ~ int, use shadow of text default value 0,

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Saturday, May 22, 2021 6:30 PM
**first Release Date
Time 10:54AM
Version 1

My Youtube link

Download link :point_down:

Download aix in Github TextAnimation.aix
Direct Download TextAnimation.aix (11.7 KB)
TextAnimation.aia (49.8 KB)
TextAnimation.apk (5.3 MB)

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Well Done Yes GIF by rubenscantuni


Good one but if possible add more animation styles.


Awesome Extension :innocent: :sunglasses:

Can we use this extension to design as splash screen

sure you can

Very good extension

Next Update


Nice amazing extension :heart_eyes:

@Faraz_Firoz1 thanks :pray:

Really nice extension I am searching this type of extension. Can you give source file

great extension :+1:

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Amazing, keep up the good work

Nice Extension Great Work :+1:

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Very Nice
More animation will been make your extension to the best

@mahmoud_hooda thanks

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@hades thanks

nice extension .added more

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Very very cool I loved it I can also add a sound that will make it even more amazing :kissing_heart:

The text does not support Arabic


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@_FTTX thanks work english

This is really cool! Thanks