[Free] UpiPayment Extension

it depends on which payment app you are using and for how do i get even i am not sure for all but if you tell which payment app you are using maybe i would be able to help

i gave paytm merchent id also tried mid but same error


that same id i used from pay tm

what is the length of your merchant id

Copied from paytm merchant account 20 charactor

it should work did you fill all other properties and can you show blocks?

I leave it blank .

One more question if some one pay me by upi method .How can I let them know that the payment is successful …The upi app itself say weather payment is successful or not …But from my side …through My app how can I make them conform

ok use after activity block -
in this case there is activity started component but dont worry even my extension has that event so use mine instead activity started :smiley:

this is my block i am not getting result fail/success on lable3

I have tested with activity starter .It gives me success / failer perfect .

But with extension it not showing status …Please check and revert if some mistake in blocks

i will see ty for testing

@Manish_chonkar i made this quick extension -
com.aktech.upipayment.aix (9.7 KB)

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with this aix…it shows no such activity found
error 601
no corresonding activity found

can you try not using default package block and use start payment block instead? and do you have the paytm app installed?

yes all app installed ok lme cgeck with out default package

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its work .but i need that default package also…ple tell me what to do

i will see into it i think i need to search on it :sweat:

one more thing.it shows status with paytm upi pay only ,with gpay and other it is not showing status of payment.

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Please Explain Block I am new here…