[Free] UpiPayment Extension

any idea to get payment form google pay also ?

Right now thare is no way to get payment from google pay using upi directly.

But I am working on it. As soon as i find the will share how to do it.

If you want you cn use paytm payment getaway to accept payment from all upi & other option but u need an merchant upgraded account with paytm business.

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Downloaded the aia!

Working with paytm and Phone pe not working with amazon pay as you have mentioned.
But google pay is shows it may be risky and the payment doesn’t go through.
What to do?

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maybe it is just a warning is is there any continue button?

download how to use

as per me blocks are pretty simple

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How to add this in kodular

You download the aix file of this extension and in the kodular creator open a project and then you can import extension.

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See Under Installation Title It will Help You While Importing

GitHub - sashibhusan1977/PaytmAi2Extension

Instead of My AIX use @luv.ak.tech


How do change upi id after app release

what you mean @Technical_Abhishek_Expert ?

Means after app publishing how do change payment upi id if before upi id is not working

Actually i dont understand just fill all details and start payment with block simple

Use any database like Firebase, airtable to change it dynamic

how do we do this

If you have already released your app then its not possible to change it without another app update version.

can we make dynamic value of upi id

Yes for sure but you need merchant account with MC code

It fails with Gpay and PhonePe with an error that says you are not allowed to make this transaction.

marhant code where i can get? each site has its diff code like paytm has its own

i am geting error " -payee mcc lenght invalid"