How to collect UPI payments

This question is already asked but information is not at all clear
This topic is on UPI payments
I know there is an extension named LEOUPI, but I want to do it with activity starter
I want to implement this method in Kodular
I think it can be implemented using Activity Starter
but how?

2 ways either use paytm gateway for accepting upi payment Or you can use insta mojo or any other site…

I want to implement this method in Kodular, Thats all
I don’t want to use any gateway

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Then you have to watch it carefully…
& try your own logic…

I dont know programming
please tell me how to implement it @Alapjeet

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Not that much good… So i can’t help…

fun payUsingUpi(amount: String, upiId: String, name: String, note: String) {

    val uri = Uri.parse("upi://pay").buildUpon()
            .appendQueryParameter("pa", upiId)
            .appendQueryParameter("pn", name)
            .appendQueryParameter("tn", note)
            .appendQueryParameter("am", amount)
            .appendQueryParameter("cu", "INR")

    val upiPayIntent = Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW) = uri

    // will always show a dialog to user to choose an app
    val chooser = Intent.createChooser(upiPayIntent, "Pay with")

    // check if intent resolves
    if (null != chooser.resolveActivity(packageManager)) {
        startActivityForResult(chooser, UPI_PAYMENT)
    } else {
        Toast.makeText([email protected], "No UPI app found, please install one to continue", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show()


How to implement this with activity starter

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For that app needs to work on background…
But kodular not supporting background… So leave it…

then how LEOUPI extension is made

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Their is big difference between extension & work with activity starter…
Activity starter will help you to check upi payment apps & it will redirect you to that apps but it never checks you made any payment or not…

Please tell me
How to use this code to make extension
can i copy paste this code?

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@sonumohammad333 not that much good…

please tag any expert or extension developer

@sonumohammad333 finally I made the upi payment using activity starter…

How …? Can you show screen shots and blocks
I was also looking for the same.
Please consider to share !

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Here is the solution deep host uploaded the UPI extension free fo cost
works efficiently Edit by Mod: Removed direct extension

@Alapjeet_Singh_RK : finally I made the upi payment using activity starter…

Please share it with me

Download Deep Host app from play store u will get demo app, aia and extensions.

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@Alapjeet , @ombhat327
I want to show selection it in my custom user interface (UI)
I want list of UPI apps (package names) available on user’s phone
If it is is not possible then, I want all UPI apps list (supports in app Payment), so I can check all those packages if they are available on phone.

In deephost app, he says “Warning: Currently not working with PHONEPE and AMAZON PAY”
Will it work?