[Free] Video calling app in Kodular. Without any paid extension

Video calling app in kodular. Without any paid extension

Let’s make a video call app in kodular without any paid extension.

In this post, we will make a video calling app in Kodular without any paid extension. So let’s start.

  1. First you need to sign up on this website.

  2. Now open this page.

  3. Now click on Generate Token icon.

  1. Now Set the Token expiry time and click on Next.

  1. Now copy your Token for further use. ( Keep your Token secret don’t share it with anyone )

  1. We design a simple website for Duo video calls. This site only works perfectly with two participants. Site: https://videosdk.web.app

  2. This site requires 2things. The first one is the meeting id and the second one is the token. ( https://videosdk.web.app/?id={MEETING_ID}&token={TOKEN} );

  3. All work done on this site. Now let’s move on Kodular ( You can use other app builders ).

  4. Download the demo aia from here and Import it to your Kodular account.

  5. Now on the call screen you will see some functions. Here we use a simple name to make it easy to use.

  1. Now we need to detect changes on our video call. Like opponent join or leave and meeting id. So here are the blocks where you can easily detect all those things.

  1. In screen Inisialze we need to go to our video call URL with the meeting id. In this case, Random Meeting Id is not worked for the call. If you haven’t any meeting id you can just simply ignore the meeting id. For new meetings create a URL like that:


  1. You can try our free aia to learn more.

Demo app

Free aia

If I did any mistake please forgive me.
Thank you all


Sounds great Let me test

Interesting… let m test it and let you know

Sorry, but the token saved in the webpage where should be entered in the Kodular app?
Also the ID where should I get it and where should I put it in the Kodular app?
It’s not very clear…

TOKEN is stored in a tiny DB. and you do not need to meeting id to create a new meeting… When you create a new meeting you will get a meeting id on the call screen.

Here demo link to create a new call: https://videosdk.web.app/?id=&token={TOKEN}
Just replace with your TOKEN

i can’t figure out in kodular where i have to write the token

if on this link I enter my token and press enter I only see a screen sorry…with nothing

maybe I didn’t understand. Does this app make a video call between two mobile phones or between a mobile phone and a PC?

I put the token inside Token_Text_Box
but when i send the call nothing happens, the app goes to the CALL screen, but the screen is all black

Just check the demo app…

i used the demo app, i wrote my own token. nothing happens

Have you managed to get the app to work on your mobile?

I downloaded the apk but it was not working. Niether A new call token was generating. Actually in this app developer is just scrabbing a website. Nothing more

ok, thank you

1st you need to create a meeting on the app. when you click create new meeting button you will redirect to the call screen. and a meeting code will be copied on your clipboard.
2nd open the demo with another phone then past your token and the meeting id to join the call.


but where can I find the meeting ID ?
it’s nowhere to be found…

It will copy automatic when you create new meeting

my friend it doesn’t work, it doesn’t. I have two phones with the app installed. I start the video call from one mobile, I open the app on the other mobile and nothing is visible.

are you got the meeting id?
if yes. then you can input that id into both phones and join. Make sure you enter TOKEN also.

I don’t have meeting id…it’s not written anywhere

Try this demo app

video call.apk (5.7 MB)

this is the screen i see after clicking on meeting. No video calling