[FREE] WallPaper Changer

Change the wallpaper!

I am pleased to announce that I have created (Thanks to the code of @Salman_Dev published in Wallpaper Manager problem? - Extension Development - MIT App Inventor Community) an extension that allows you to change the wallpaper of your mobile phone.
You can choose to change the home wallpaper, the lock wallpaper or both at the same time.


The extension consists of 3 blocks:

  1. to set the wallpaper only on the lock screen.

  2. to set the wallpaper in the home screen.

  3. to put the wallpaper on both screens at the same time.

for the proper functioning of the extension it is recommended to request the SET_WALLPAPER permission

Download image

com.meulencv.WallPaperChanger.aix (5.8 KB)


Great extension:muscle:
What is the minimum api level?

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I have consulted WallpaperManager  |  Android Developers and it says that 5

So can I set both home wallpaper and lock wallpaper from android 5.0 (included) to above with your extension?

Yes, I think that yes


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Api level 5 doesn’t mean you can use that method from android 5.0 and up. Android 5.0’s api level is 21 & (22 for 5.1) .
Added in Api level 5 means you can use that method from Android's Eclair / Android 2.0 and up if the method wasn’t depraceted & removed in upper versions.

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Yes, I know, but MEULEN answered me with Android version, so I wanted to clarify:+1:

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What about providing a screenshot of your relevant blocks?


Just place the blocks as directed by the developer, no more. only one button to apply the image, try from assets, url, png, jpg and always gives the same error.