[Free] WaterRefflect Effect. My 9th extension

Simple extension u can create image with water refflect in layout

com.varsha.RefflectEfect.aix (7.9 KB)

new update: :innocent:
now its working on kodular now u can build apk successfully but u cant test on companion if u want to test on companion then u have to use images from ur asset folder from mobile for example Sdcard/Appinventor/Assets/a.jpg or place images in mobile asset folder
it will work on compain
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sample (1).aia (50.0 KB)
sample (1).apk (5.3 MB)
com.varsha.RefflectEfect.aix (7.9 KB)


Awesome work :heart::heart:and its 9th extension :star_struck:
U have made very useful extensions that’s a great achievement in itself :heart:

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Wow! That’s amazing :+1:

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Great job :+1: :+1:

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Wow !! Very Nice Extension !! :thumbsup:

A first short test:

Please provide a test aia.

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@varsha In AI2 it works.

It doesn’t work for me too in Kodular

APK works …

Thanks @Ken.


Sorry to say I forgot to mention it’s working on companion u have to use asset folder images if u wnt to test on companion

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I have, but it didn’t work. Anyway, if it worked in apk, then it’s fine.

I’ll correct this error give me some time I know the error y is not working on kodulor


Waiting other effect extension​:joy:


I was looking for this! thanks!
This will be a cooler effect (on some cases) than just shadows

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The answer is misleading as it suggests that other paths would work with the APK, which it doesn’t.

Neither with absolute nor relative paths:



It’s an interesting extension​:open_mouth:
Good job!!

Great extension @varsha :+1:t2:

can He Work With With Out Any Image