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Hello there! Today I am publishing my second extension Web scraping extension.



Blocks Description
Event Error Event is triggered when an error has occurred.
GotElements Event is triggered when web data is scraped successfully. It returns list of elements.
Method ScrapeData This method scrapes from the provided url and CSS selector. After success GotEvent is triggered.
Method GetText This method gets text value from the list of elements.It returns list of texts.
Method GetSingleText This method gets text from single element.
Method getAttribute This method gets value for the specified HTML attribute from a list of elements. Example: “src”
Method GetSingleAttribute This method gets value for the specified HTML attribute for a single element.



  • Cannot scrape Javascript and AJAX sites. :pensive:


SimpleWebScraping.aia (479.4 KB)


SimpleWebScraping.apk (5.6 MB)

Download AIX

com.henry.WebScrapper.aix (474.0 KB)

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Nice Extension !!

Please Add Some Preview


Thanks,:heart: :heart::heart::heart:

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Wow :thumbsup: that is great
I have been searching for something like this to Scrap this siteLink and I wanted to get only the image song and title song in every time it gets changing please how can I do that by using your New Extension?

Hi, to use this extension all you got to do is get the CSS selector of the content you want scrape.
You need to open debugger tools in your browser using ctrl+shift+i
To get CSS selector follow the step from here.


sure that is simple to get but how do I then implement it using this extension and get the image and the title in every time the image and title changes?

Hello @Henry_Richard can you try it from your end here is the link body 9jaStar - Radio

Great Job ! :thumbsup:

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The site you provided is loaded by Javascript so it’s not possible to scrape them since this extension is HTML parser!

Oooh, I am not luck with your extension

is there any other alternative way to do this?

Well currently I have no idea but with the help of WebView extension we can get the Web content and parse it using the extension, but I have not included that feature in this extension as it was buggy I will test it out and update the extension!

I will be waiting don’t forget to tag me because I am in need of it.

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This is fantastic. Suggestion: you might want to change GotError to Error or ErrorOccurred
And I’m just wondering if you use any libraries for this extension?

Ok I will change that and yes I am using external library.

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Nice extension

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You are awesome! Now I don’t have to do this by hand. Thanks!

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Can I get the list from the text of textbox that is related in youtube

Means I want related list item that is texted in textbox

In this i have search for kodular and I got relative videos from youtube that are related to kodular I want to add textbox and get some relatively suggestions in list form ?
Is it possible?

Is this possible

Did anyone know how to use this extension because Henry is having his exams. Can anyone help ?