I have a problem with HtmlUtils extension

Hey :upside_down_face: I’m trying to get some images from a site with the HtmlUtils extension, but when I run the app (both in companion and apk) nothing happen: the label text remain with its default text (image 1). In the second image I have underlined my interesting parts of the web page html: as cssQuery I have put in my blocks what the arrow indicates (I have copied from google inspector the selector of the class “image-list-item-wrapper” and I wrote “All” to get all of them). What I need is the second link of each class “image-list-item-wrapper” (<img src=“https://…”), but I’m not very good with css and html so I ask to you for help :sweat_smile:


I am trying the same thing with this extension but I can’t solve it may the developer of this extension help us.

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I’ve found an alternative solution, with another extension: RegEx (regular expression). It consists in detect multiple strings in a text. If your aim is to get images’ link from html (or whatever text you want), as me, you can use this solution. This is the extension:


Lily, since works with regular expression is not so easy sometimes (and it isn’t so “professional”, at least in my case), you could use also this new extension I discovered right now. I’ve never tried it (I will do soon), but it could be what you are looking for

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I see now you have already saw this extension and asking for help :sweat_smile: :upside_down_face:

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I read now this extension not solve your problem :pensive:

Can you solve one more problem regarding This…
I want to scrape the href value in a anchor tag.
Example :
<a href="example1.php">Example1</a>
<a href="example2.php">Example2</a>
I want (example1.php, example2.php) not (Example1, Example2)

Maybe this will work:

  • Parse Html
  • GetElementsByAttribute(“href”)
  • for each item: GetValue(item)

But it return (Example1, Example2) not (example1.php, example2.php)

Post your blocks and aia here.

Thanks for your reply Sadirul, I have already solved my problem in another way:v:

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Thanks you too Kenin :+1:

Please show an example how to do that…
Still I am getting the error…

Post your blocks.

I solve it…
But when I export this app into APK showing this error…

Because you have not parsed html.

I have parsed the html… dsfd

Post your all blocks.