[FREE] Yabber, chat with your friends! - Design chat app


Hi Koders!
I created a chat app to chat with your friends with Kodular using Firebase component!
To create my application I use @yusufcihan extensions Dynamic Component (Thanks for creating really good extensions!)

Adding your first friend

If you don’t have any friends, you can add me by clicking the “+” in the home screen and typing “ForRob” in the textbox and click the arrow or select my avatar just below the textbox!

Please feel free to share your feedback & suggestions. :+1:

PS : The application is in French but can be very easily understood by anyone thanks to its very intuitive interface. (If you want, I can make an english version of the app)

Download for free

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You may want to resolve this :point_down:

Sure! I will fix this bug. Thank you for your feedback!