[Free] Youtube API Extension : Get Everything by API 🥳

Tried i cant, can you share aia for videos from playlist . Please

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OK I will.

NOTE : This block is only for channel video. :neutral_face:

So how can iget videos from playlist ?

i am finding out.

Hi @Rahan_Sarang

it will help you :

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Not possible with the extension ?

I am trying but getting some error. :neutral_face:


Very good and useful extension, congratulations.

As mentioned above, if possible, add the possibility to get the id of the videos in a playlist. but I already got it with the api link you sent.


How can get the video data ? Like title, description which channel published it and is it made for kids or not.

Thanks in advance

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No! I was asking what to place inside 'When Youtube1.GotVideo Data" block

You should place what you want.

Ok thanks.

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Still not working

These are the blocks I used

Set the api before calling data

i have pasted the correct api. i still don’t understand what do you mean

Screen1 initialize set yr api key block

ok i will try