[Free] Youtube API Extension : Get Everything by API 🥳

Yes it is possibe.

And please also add channel videos fetcher

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Use this to get channel videos. :grinning:

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What is page token and where is it in google api console

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Everything is here… :grinning:
For example :

Page token not nessesary

If you want to open next or previous page than you must use it.

I tried to fetch videos of a playlist

It only gives a 50 items But There is 1275 items in listview with somany repetation how cain fix this

Sometimes the maximum result is 50. So you should set maxResults to 50.

Only 50 results is getting even i set 100 , Thats not my problem !

When i do like this i got 50 as global name . So it means it creates a loop till the max result (50 in my case ) . How can i create list view with this .

Someone please help meee

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it will help you.

Tried i cant, can you share aia for videos from playlist . Please

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OK I will.

NOTE : This block is only for channel video. :neutral_face:

So how can iget videos from playlist ?

i am finding out.

Hi @Rahan_Sarang

it will help you :

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Not possible with the extension ?