[Free] Youtube Video Thumbnail Extension

This will be very useful. Great work.

What does quality 0 1 2 3 mean.:face_with_thermometer:

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Thanks for giving credit :relaxed:


It’s A Frame Of Video


Many thumbnails are not loading in 1080 quality.
Why ?

You can also use this method to get thumbnail

Probably be is also using it.

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May Be It’s Depend On Video Quality

How to remove black border?
Because not all thumbnails are loaded in 1080p quality.

Are you using extension to Load image ?

No, i am using image component.

And how to get many thumbnails in list view ?

Make list of urls and use loop for each item in list

Plz Reply :pray::pray:

How to remove black border?

If the image comes with the black border then, I think so you can’t.
There was same issue in Image Loader Extension, but you said you are not using it, so I can’t understand what’s the issue.

It seems that you are using yt Listview from my guide, right?

Show your blocks of Dynamic Listview.

Yes, I am using your yt list only. But if I get a thumb nail in 720 quality then it comes with a black border and but when I get a thumbnail in 1080 quality it does not get a black border but it does not get all the thumbnails.

Hey, let me explain you. First of you should be aware of that all the videos available in youtube doesn’t has a quality of 1080P which is ( maxresdefault ) so now the question is what is the minimum quality of youtube video thumbnails, answer is ( sddefault ), not all thumbnails has a quality of max resolution as well as hd resolution. But all has a quality of sd resolution. I’ve solve all this problem, bugs and etc. In my app that you can check here - [PAID] V2.0 Youtube Thumbnail Downloader Aia & I’m selling it’s aia file.


@pnkjpjt123 I suggest you to open a new topic for this issue, because we are talking in two different topics about it. And it’s not good to spoil their topics.

Removing Border Is Not Possible Yet Because Youtube API Is Providing Image With Border There Should Be One Option To Remove It That Crop The Image But It’s Not Available

There Is One Solution For You, Make Your ListView Background Color Black So It Will Be Same And Make Font Color White

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It’s there is image editor component
Btw the problem is solved.

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