Freelance Designer

Today, I “MeteorCoder” would like to be formally known as a Freelance Designer on the :kodular: Community. I am offering free design work for you (for now, until I get older). I am free to do anything appropriate and legal. If you need icons not from PowerPoint 2012, let me know, I can help. Or app designs that I could help you with along with Web designs.


Examples of apps you’ve designed?

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Did you see my current app??? Dynamic Owl? I designed the logo myself out of inspiration from the name :joy:

Can you send me a link to the app?


Is it so hard to search the community with search term ‘Dynamic Owl’?
Done it for you :point_down:


İt is good job! And if you have time can you design logo for me? I have tried free logo design apps but dont like none of them. Logo of your app is creative and nice

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PM me details ASAP.

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