Dynamic Owl - Life Saver?

Dynamic Owl

As some may wonder, what is their current estimated location. No matter if you’re calling 911 or EMS. It can also help with finding where you are (kinda) if you’re stranded in the woods. Providing both Longitude, Latitude, and Address. This isn’t accurate and don’t worry, the Address will not update frequently unless you’re driving and it detects the change. It won’t change fast but, it’ll change… While you’re blinking and you miss it changing like, when your Odometer in your car is at 99,999 miles and you miss the change to 100,000 Also provides Battery Information.

You can’t take screenshots so you don’t accidentally show your address. And this happens to be one reason, it’s not on the Kodular Store.

DynamicOwl.apk (51.9 MB)

I made the icon and banner myself… Like it?


Nice! I loved the UI.

For me, disabling taking screenshot is bad feature.

Because, you can lose your speech/speaking for a while because of pain. Like falling from high place…

So, you may need to send your location to emergency services via screenshot or something.

Also, you can add maps to your app for people not understanding latitude/longitude.

But anyway, nice app! :+1:


Latitude and Longitude again is for EMS and to be given to others who you know. They may not understand it but it’ll become useful.

New Update! All have been enrolled in Beta.

I’ve redesigned some to actually follow the text design.

What’s New

• Added Google Sans compatibility… OPTIONAL
• Added Allow Screenshots - Requested by @yusufcihan (He doesn’t wanna die while in the Stranded Woods :joy:)
• Fixed bug with alert showing on first start of Settings as variable was undefined and couldn’t be set
• Fixed graphic bug with Emergency Location Service Information card not loading correctly (Didn’t load fully, only loaded first half first then second, completing the process) - Only a temporary fix

Allow Screenshots is True by default, however you can overwrite that by changing the checkbox.

DynamicOwl.apk (5.0 MB)

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Unsupported for a few weeks

Dynamic Owl is currently going through a redesign and a rewrite of the full code base, this will take some time.

Why I am starting to redesign and rewrite

The New Design: Both apps Dynamic Owl & Studio don’t have the new color Palette I am using to update design. The new design will come packaged with an awesome amount of feature attached to it (Meaning: With this design update, all my apps will have the same Settings ONLY for their design and different Settings for the actual app, this will allow Theme changing.) This will also be 2019 Ready :white_check_mark:

The Rewrite of the code base: While I am rewriting Studios code base as well, I must take Dynamic Owls into consideration. I have done a COMPLETE tear down of Dynamic Owl. It will receive new features and a new algorithm for receiving information. This means, it may bring communication with APIs to GET more accurate information.


Analytics will be redirected through Studio
Inclusion of DOWNLOADABLE themes
Samsung One UI with Material Design included
Removal of assets
Rewrite codebase on Android Studio (Possible - 46.8% Chance)

There is a possibility the next release will be on GitHub and made with Android Studio. If I can make a simple Extension then I have motivation for Android Studio. Should I make it Open Sourced?

Yeah. Definitely.

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