Freeze textbox from webviewer

I have successfully used this syntax. but it doesn’t show after redirect.
what i want is to lock textbox at web not repair and appear on redirect

please help me!
Many thanks

.Fill textboxes
We need element’s id to perform these steps that we can easily get using Inspect feature of browsers.

Js: document.getElementById("text_box_id").value = "test_value";

Username and Password textboxes have id user_login and login_pass on the website so blocks will be these:

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Hi @Tuan_Vu_Minh Welcome,
Kindly show your blocks not mine. :grinning:

Also what does lock textbox mean?


Can you show the id of that textbox using inspect element?

Stack Overflow shows me these two solutions:

document.getElementById("answerbox").disabled = true;

document.getElementById("answerbox").readOnly = true;
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Yes right.

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What do you mean?

Seems like that website doesn’t let autofill work.

Because someone used to do it but didn’t share it, I went to the forum to ask everyone

Everyone here is also wondering about this problem

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