From tinydb list to chat view

hey koders,
how to set list items to chat view.
on screen1 intialize

add items to list item = call tinydb1 get value

then from list then set chat view message

in short we can say
how to set items from list to chatview

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you can use a loop?

How to do it?

use a for loop to go through every item in your list and use add message

I cannot understand if you can show using blocks

first of all clear your doubt so that i dont misunderstand
you have a list of messages in a list form and you need to add all of that message in the chat view right?


yes you’re on Right track

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ok can you show it using blocks

Do in this way
and save the list in tiny db :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks to
@Aditya_Nanda For Solving for replying / looking to my query


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