Front camera (without user knowing)

I will include it in my privacy policy is that not okay?

I don’t want the image saved on the user’s phone I want it to be saved on database.

you can save anywhere you want.

you can add in privacy policy that you are using camera. and that will be enough.

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Ok thank you for your support :heart:

I would just cover the camera while using the app :sunglasses:

Or better not use the app.


Yeah need to be careful with this app :sunglasses:

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We all know no one reads privacy policies or any policy for that part, until they get :no_entry_sign:


I will think of what to do

Front camera in surface view not working

as i said, that is is a bug and have been posted before but not fixed yet. i hope soon will get fixed.

Also, don’t you need background services to make this kind of apps?
That’s not possible with Kodular.

I don’t even need to do this as my device has pop-up front camera, which only popups when activated else remains within the device.
So if such app will try to opens my front camera it will immediately pop-up and hence will get notified. Bring it on :sunglasses:


it comes out take picture goes in, all happen within a second or 2… so what you will do?

I don’t think this is intended for the owner of the device. More for a thief who stole your device, he/she will not be aware that a selfie is going to be taken.

But anyways, you can easily locate your device and block it or erase it with built in Google services already in your phone. I don’t think you can make something better with Kodular.


This is screenshot of one of the device’s security feature listing and it says everything you need to know.

Also though it may come up for second or two but at least I will be alerted of something wrong happening with the device while using the app unlike other phone having cameras mounted on device’s top bar which are constantly exposed to surrounding environment and observing it at the same time.

Who knows what’s running in the mind of developer while making such apps. As this can be used for both purposes (Good and bad)


In my “FunTools” app (finally made with Kodular) I use surfaceview, front and backcamera with overlayed Animations. The trick to get the front cam to work is to switch screen portrait-landscape-portrait. then for some reason the front cam shows. i mentioned this earlier somewhere. Give it a try.

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@Django_s_Android_App you mean this one

Well it is not a real background services, but give it a try if you need it

That’s exactly what I did and it did work

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