Front camera (without user knowing)

Hello koders,
Am thinking of adding this feature in my app an I don’t know if it is possible. Is there an extension or a block that can take a picture using front camera without the user knowing?.

why did you want this as this is against privacy of user.

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The app is a security app. I will state this in my privacy policy. I want it because I want to get the image of unauthorised user.

not possible without opening camera

i have seen that function in some apps, but they wasnt made with kodular, so i am not sure about that if kodular can do that or any extension can do that.

Same as I, that’s why am asking.

Try this extension App Inventor Extensions: Camera | Pura Vida Apps


i have an idea, try surfaceview, and on that use front camera(i have seen there was a bug in surface view that it wasnt showing front cam but you can try), like use surface view in small window or invisible so user cant see that and when face detected, take picture and save it.

try if this can work.


Thanks I will try it.

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Thanks I will try this extension as well.

This is considered a violation of privacy

I will include it in my privacy policy is that not okay?

I don’t want the image saved on the user’s phone I want it to be saved on database.

you can save anywhere you want.

you can add in privacy policy that you are using camera. and that will be enough.

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Ok thank you for your support :heart:

I would just cover the camera while using the app :sunglasses:

Or better not use the app.


Yeah need to be careful with this app :sunglasses:

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We all know no one reads privacy policies or any policy for that part, until they get :no_entry_sign:


I will think of what to do