Screenshot of Surface Images

I want to capture a surface image (chosen ‘live’ by the user), alongside a reference image. My attempt correctly captures everything on the screen, except the surface camera image.! How do I make it capture the surface camera image?


@Mika can you help?

Just look at the events from surface.
There should be one from which you can get the current frame as image.

Also there is a take screenshot block at surface component.
Next time you should search first

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Thank you for your reply, Milka. I’ve searched and searched and searched, and I can’t find any ‘get frame’ or ‘screenshot’ associated with the surface component. There is a ‘Surface view - take picture’ but that doesn’t seem to do anything at all.

Anyway, thank you for your effort, it is appreciated.

Mika was saying about these blocks, try them,


Thank you very much for that Imran. I’m afraid I just can’t make it work. Presumably ‘save preview file…to’ has to be to some physical location, but search as I might, I can’t find any explanation of how to do this.

It would really help if you provided a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so we can see what you are trying to do, and where the problem may be.


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that is for true of false, picture auto saved to storage,

here is a tutorial,

blocks - 2020-02-05T141746.990

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Thank you for that, Imran. This seems to take a picture of the camera area, not the whole screen.

I’ve tried hard and thank you again, but I think I must conclude that Kodular is not for me.

you want to save whole screen image with other content too? if yes then use ScreenShot,

We have a build in component for screenshots…


The Screenshot does not capture the camera image.

I’m very familiar with ordinary line programming, so I’m afraid I find Kodular quite, quite beyond me.
Could you recommend someone who could write a Kodular program for us?

Thanks for your help

Thank you Imran. But I cannot make this work.

why don’t you use the camera component to take the picture?

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Thanks, because I need to capture the camera photo AND a color reference scale together. Can you help?

For purposes of live preview, you could use the Surface View component and have the scale above it.

To save the image with the scale, you can capture the surface view, put the shot image in a Canvas component, then put an image of the scale in the Canvas, and save the canvas as an image.


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