FTP closes the application when a successful connection occurs

Friends, I have a problem with the ftp component. Could you help me? The connection data is correct, I used txt_box to guarantee the connection data. As can be seen in the image, when I click on Button2 I capture the image in the gallery. When I click on button1 he should do ftp, but the app stops and closes. I tested it saying wrong connection and it returns FALSE (correctly), but the problem occurs when it validates the connection. Where am I going wrong?

In the status connection block I changed it to lbl_name_foto, but it still has the same problem.

I would like to remove this post, because I think the problem is in my host server.

use the Connect Error and Upload Error events to find out what is going on

Taifun thank you very much, I will do this. Does that extension Taifun.ftp work for Kondular? I ask this, because it works so well on other Thunkable projects. I am migrating them to Kondular.


thank you…
so if you already bought it, just use it in Kodular…


Great. Thank you very much. :blush:

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