Ftp component problem

I started my first official app on Kodular, I come from Appybuilder, and I spent many hours trying to make the Ftp component work, but also based on community research it is understood that the component does not work well. In appybuilder I used to work quietly with this component, couldn’t you integrate that of Appybuilder?
I saw that @Taifun offered a user a PAID extension, I would like to know if this extension works to date (I am forced to pay to have something that previously worked and was free).
I noticed that in Kodular, compared to Appybuilder, there are no component guides … this too, for me, is a sore point compared to Appybuilder. Whoever comes from Appybuilder will surely understand me …
Greetings Enfandoid.

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I can ensure you that it works

yes, see also


Yes, I had read. I think I buy it even if with bitterness and disappointment, to think that I am starting kodular after appybuilder and I already find differences in the negative, it is disheartening for me.

In your place I would buy the extension to support the developer, but if it’s not possible for you or it’s too expensive, I understand Kodular will provide all the AppyBuilder components in the next update (January).

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You’re right Italo, it’s better to wait, hoping that everything will really work. I am disappointed that in Kodular there are important components with bugs and lack of information notes on their use (e.g. in Appybuilder I found notes on how to use or set the parameters of the components, in Kodular I saw that we are lacking from this points of view)…


Agree. Kodular has less docs on components but community is always open and ready to help you were you stuck.
Welcome to kodular.

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Thanks for the advice. Of course, before asking for help I carry out tests, the problem is that when you have the anomaly you think that you are doing something wrong and instead the fault is not yours.
Thanks to everyone, however.