FTP is Not Uploading Files

@ImranTariq that also isn’t working

Check App =ftp.apk (5.1 MB)

then wait a little maybe some one knows about that because i havent used ftp yet ,

have you checked is image showing after picked? use an image and set image after pickup, check if it showing that picked image or not

I am Felling Sad As The People who Know About FTP are also Not Responding

you have posted about an hour ago, and there are only 8 members are online, there is time difference for every country, so when every one come online will see your post and answers you, it may take little time, be patient ,

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I Think there is an Uploading error as when the image is being upload the notifier shows me blank notification check the blocks

you can try any other notification instead of get error block,

I Got To Know that the error is in make Dir block as it makes a folder with permission 0755 which is can be only written by administrator and not by FTP Also please tell me is there any way by which I can As permission to 0644 by using FTP.

this might can help you

also for permission read this,

Ftp Permissions

He is Not Making A New Folder Using Dir block of FTP Compnent

This is different thing

i think permissions are only set by ftp server, not from app

Can You Please tell me hos to change Permission for all Folder Automatically.

this on can help you, there is details about everything, also permissions,

i have changed permission then also it is not uploading

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hello Koders i m facing the same problem have a look on my images my blocks need help its not uploading

do u have fixed the problem?

yea…just contact to hosting provider