FTP Kodular - Application closes without any message

I did the following experiment to not make a mistake in the statement. I repeated the blocks in a project without DataTools and it worked. Therefore, the FTP blocks were all correct.

Statement from the developer

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Hi @Hossein (if you don’t mind)
Does FTP component use Apache Commons Net lib? :thinking:

Can you show how you are using DateTools? @ledumelo

I was using it to calculate the difference between dates.

I had read this post, but it didn’t work.

Can you send me an example apk? Either here or in PM.

I sent the block in the post above. But, I stopped using DateTools in my project, I prefer to test it a little more before using it.

Ohh…ok :slightly_smiling_face:
Send me an old apk if possible.

I will provide, but would have another way of sending without the “aia” being public?

I think there is some misunderstanding.
I am asking for apk and not for aia.

Sunny, my apologize for not being able to send the apk, as I would have to send logins and passwords and a step by step to get to the error location. Would it help if I sent a video of the version where the error was occurring?

Yes, it does.

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Thank you.
If so then @ledumelo is right. My extension can conflict with FTP component because both use same lib (although extension uses customized jar).

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Interesting. Out of curiosity, why is your DateTool use that library?

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It uses the library to get epoch timestamp from NTP Server.

Aren’t you able to get it without that library?

Actually there are a lot of methods to get timestamp from internet.
But I think NTP is better than all.

Right, but using the library will increase the extension size and also, possible conflicts like what’s mentioned in this thread.

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Yep :slightly_smiling_face:
That’s why I have removed unnecessary classes from jar :wink:

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