Full screen webview problem


I want to make a movıe app that consıst of Turkısh movıe sıtes.

I create the app but I could not watch vıdeos full at screen mode.

I am not very good at kodular , ıs there any method for full screen mode.

Secondly , most of the sıtes consıst of advertısement Is there a way to add an adblocker to that movıe app?

I would be very thankful ıf anyone helpsTURKFILM.aia (40.0 KB)

Hi @Cihan_Topcuoglu
A simple search in community will give you all the answers.
Please search before asking.

Have a look around the community, I guarantee you will find what you need!

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I searched before , but like I said, it is the first time I tried to create a programme.I cannot implement the solutions to mine. A music booklet gives you all the notes you need, but you can not play piano if you have not enough talent and education.

In my workplace all the procedures are written, and database gives you what you may need But I always help and reply my new collagues when they ask me any questions

Thanks anyway

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