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Hello everybody,

I’m trying to implement a fullscreen overlay layout to show a webviewer to present an internal HTML file. Let me explain the reasoning.

I’m building textual heavy content app (part book, part searchable content), hence the use of webviewer and HTML files (the ease of coding and formatting within the content with HTML/CSS/JS let me to this solution, as opposed to using components like image/label/etc).

In my app I have some buttons that call the webviewer and show specific pages within my assets. This pages have secondary content that I currently show within the HTML in a modal overlay. Some of my test users suggested presenting this secondary content in a fullscreen overlay (and shown me some examples of a sort of Bottom Sheet that fills the entire page).

Therefore, I’m trying to implement such suggestion of a fullscreen overlay with a layout or component to show another webviewer with a new HTML page.

Currently I’m experimenting with the Bottom Sheet with a Vertical Layout (height set to Auto per suggestion on Makeroid Docs) with a Webviewer inside (height set to 100%… yes, I was trying to work arround the height limitation… hehe), but the Bottom Sheet only covers about half screen upon opening.

Is there any alternative to implement this? (apart from a new screen or simply hiding all other layouts)

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try setting vertical layout’s height to
Screen1 Height
set the status bar visible to false

yes you can use overlaying if you’re still looking I’ll show you exactly how…