+ function is not working in a variable

Hello. I am new to the community and was trying a basic function to be carried out by my app.
The problem is -
I have set the global count to 0.
As the months checkbox checked is true, I set global count + 1
When I click the “Calculate Fee Button”, I have set the function as global count x Class Fee Value Text (I am getting the value in Class Fee Value text, I have tested it)
The problem seems to be with the global count variable but I am not able to understand what it is.

Can someone please help?

These are the blocks -

Add another variable on the place of global count

How to do that?

Do like this

add set count to 0 in all just before
set count to get count +1

You don’t need to compare the month checked block with true block. Just attach the month checked block with else if part

For example else ifApril. Checked

I tried everything and now I am even getting the Total Fee Value in negative!

These are the updated blocks, I can also send the AIA:

You are using very complex method. This much of multiple blocks are no need. There is huge diff between your first blocks and the second blocks.

What you want to do?

I want to get fee value for the selected class from the spinner, and then let the user select multiple months to pay fee for. So basically, each class has different fee amount (which is a value from certain index from a list) multiplied by the number of months (checkboxes) selected.

I am doing fine till getting the fee value for the selected class, but when I select the months checkboxes, it has problem, I am not getting the amount I should get by - month multiplied by fee value.

I can also PM you the AIA.

Yes pls. Let me check it

i have pm’d you

Try this, download and drag it to your project,
You can change the add fee variable to total fee
(dont forget to delete the relevant blocks from your project, if not it will not work. Need to del all the months blocks and calculate fee button clicked blocks)

Did you try this?