Fusion Table to be discontinued

Fusion Table will be discontinued later this year.
I store my user data (login/ sign up) in Fusion Table, can you please help me how to move the data or will there any be any new data storing feature coming in Kodular?

You could make an app that will programmatically pull data from Fusion Tables and push to Airtable or something.


I have more than 5000 user data and in free version of Airtable you can store for only 1200 rows

airtable is preferd for best functioning and ease but if it cannot help you then try atore service like cloudstich by uploading their extensions

But I didn’t find their extension

you have to explore appybilder, mit inventor, thunkable etc

But I don’t find anything…

Then maybe try Firebase? The free version has ample space.

I know, but thats not secure

Firebase and insecure!!! ???


Firebase is very secure. Just don’t store your nuclear launch codes in there.


Users to access the data from firebase, I need to keep the read & write to true. Which makes it a sort of insecure… cause anyone can change it by getting a hack

Why would you do that? Set the read and write permissions to “auth!=null”.

When someone login / sign ups then how would that happen?

It works plain and simple. Try it yourself.


If you think Firebase is - insecure - you can encrypt data with Cryptography component, then you can add it to Firebase.

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