FyberAds Extension [PAID]

FyberAds Extension [PAID]

An extension to monetize your application with Fyber ads.

What is Fyber (Digital Turbine)?

Fyber is a mobile advertising technology company that helps app developers, publishers, and advertisers to execute smart ad monetization strategies across various connected devices through a unified mobile Supply-Side Platform worldwide. Its platform provides publishers with a set of customized ad management software tools that enable them to extract the yield for their ad inventory.The company offers mediation, exchange, user acquisition, analytics, and ad formats solutions.

Bidding supported with

  • Admob
  • AdColony
  • AppLovin
  • IronSource
  • Facebook (Meta Audience Network)
  • Mintegral
  • Pangle
  • Tapjoy
  • UnityAds
  • Vungle

Extension properties


Initialize Sdk

Initialize the sdk before loading any ads.

Banner Ad

Set spot id and a view to show banner ad.

Interstitial Ad

Reward Ad

OfferWall Ad

OfferWall SDK version is 9.2.4

GitHub Repository

Extension specifications:

Demo Apk: FyberAds.apk
SDK Version: 8.2.0
Last amendment: 18 September 2022


Nice extension , Keep on

I think price is very Expensive

Discount available for first 5 buyers :heart_eyes_cat:

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How can I download it without purchasing?

I’ve shared specifications about the extension, not aix file. You’ve to purchase it to get aix file.

SDK updated and demo apk added!