Galaxy store sdk user problem

Hello. When i upload my app to galaxy store, i should show im a sdk user. I saw the solution on the forum. Then, i used permission blocks to solve it. But its not been fixed. Should i make it with xml blocks or How can i use permission? Thank you very much. !
In the permission, i used only the things between " " . Its not been fixed. Then i changed the words again nothing happened


You have to manually add that line in the manifest file

Which block

I said manually, that means you have to decompile your apk, add you line, compile it back to apk…

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I have not decompile any apk yet. So i didnt know anything about it.

Then search on YouTube and Google about decompile apk and editing manifest file

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Ok. I decompiled. I will check it thanks.

Sorry. I decompiled apk and i found these files. Then i changed xml file. Burnu couldnt find any program to make apk from these diles

Same app that you used to decompile should have the ability to compile it back to apk

I dont know

See here (for de- & recompiling):

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