GalleryViewer component not working

i am seeing GalleryViewer component is not working
can anyone tell what it is happening

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You have to give more info then that. What is not working?

it is just showing a white space that is empty

Show an image. It is still not clear what you are doing. Are you working with companion, apk, in the editor, etc.

Do you see this in the designer?


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i am in companion and yes i see that in designer

Please can you show what you are doing, blocks, screens anything else i will have to keep asking what you have done and i loose interest real quickly. :grin:

blocks are empty there is nothing in blocks

here is aia file - ImagePicker.aia (6.9 KB)

If you have not put any images in then you see nothing.


my gallery has so many images how can there be nothing

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You would have to use this property to add images to the GalleryViewer :point_down:

For example:


For me is 100% working and i use almost everything in my projects
I think they are doing something wrong :thinking:

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Do you think they will just magically appear without any block code


I think there is a misunderstanding. The galleryviewer component is not for viewing the pictures in the Gallery of your phone. It shows a view of images added to it via blocks.


i guess i misunderstood it thanks for help

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