Game data with tinydb

I am almost done with my dodge ball game app, there are 3 rooms , adventure , normal , scary , ( each room need 50 points to unlock next) the final level Battlezone gets unlocked when all room points are collected , everything is working fine ,full point system is under Mysql . Now i want to show each users , how much point they got in each room by playing 1 time, Previous points , I tried with firebase but someone said me tinydb will be a good choice .

So can you guys guide me what should i do ? step by step

i just need hints

@manishthetechguy maybe he will able to help you.

Tinydb only stores data in mobile and can be reset after clearing data, so better use firebase or spreadsheet, tiny db is so easy just use block store value with name , and get value with that name which used for saving, but data can be reset by clear data app,