Generate QR code and save apk not working?

i have been trying to generate an apk since yesterday but both options dont work.

Hello @carlosfcabrales !

It is always advised to provide as much relevant information as possible to help resolve the issue quicker.
Do you get any errors ?

Build errors can appear because of errors in your blocks too. Are you sure that there aren’t any such errors ?

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oh ok, well it bakes the app fine, it reaches 100% but it just doesnt show any QR code and doesnt show any error message, I have looked at all my screens and there are no warnings or errors.

which browser are you using ? Use Chrome/Firefox/Opera for best builder experience

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im using brave, I have made several others apps and all of them work, its just this one that doesnt work, no matter what, its very weird.

I have tried to use chrome and explorer to generate the QR code or the apk but even there its not working :frowning: