Generic Discussion about Kodular Premium

But when we will get to know they will be available or not ? The free trial already started and will end on 13.

as the kodular staff informed that it will be live on 11 july but i think it is not live yet.

I suppose Yes

Thank you so much for that. I don’t know how I missed that post.

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This will (most likely) never happen. Kodular has already strayed way too far from AI2.
(By the way, this will also take longer with AI2, although it was already announced for the fall semester 2021 that the build server would then be available).

Apart from that, no extensions can be used with iOS. If this should ever be possible, all extensions would have to be rewritten in Apple’s programming language “Swift” (instead of Java).

Ad (Google Pay) Or (Upi) options on India

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Will you also gave us admob components like you used to gave us in past in premium subscriptions?

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In my knowledge,

  • AdMob ad components were deprecated in a release before Premium was launched and,

  • since it was deprecated before Premium was launched, the definition of “all ads components” refers to the ad components excluding AdMob.

  • because all ads that were available before Premium did not include AdMob components.

Anyways, just my opinion on this. Might not be true in reality.

The solution to this bug was found months ago and posted dozens of times by @bodymindpower (Anke) - not least also and especially in the AI2 forum, because the same bug also exists there.

Maybe, but not because of this bug.

This is great, Diego, because with 5 extension limit … Other platforms will find a golden opportunity for more members to join them than kodular…

good idea Diego 5 extensions is very little, rectify is wise!

I would like to point out a few things.

  • Please stop spamming about Google AdMob problems. We users have patience. Please patiently wait for their response.

  • Kodular, unlike MIT App Inventor, is a private company. They do not have stable financial assistance. Recently, their server costs are increasing, but their income is not stable. Imagine you as an individual having to pay thousands of dollars for servers.

  • They previously stated that they wanted Kodular free forever, but they don’t have a choice. Their revenue cannot pay thousands of server fees. Kodular would have bankrupted.

  • Yes, 5 extensions are too little to tolerate for a lot of us, but we need to understand their situations as well.

  • We are here to discuss. Yes, you can discuss the disadvantages of this new release, but be constructive and think from different angles. I appreciate how @Vaibhav points his ideas out in a polite manner.

  • I personally disagree with this premium version, but I also know that Kodular does not have a second choice. Server costs are expensive. We have to tolerate this.

Exactly. This is a peaceful discussion. Treat it and discuss peacefully please.


What does the number of extensions have to do with the server load? Almost nothing.
So what is the purpose of this limitation?

And as many users have rightly pointed out, many extensions are ONLY needed to “escape” the existing (unfixed & new!) bugs.

Yes, it has almost nothing to do with the server load. But considering that Kodular server fees are increasing, the only thing they could do is to limit certain areas. I, and many of my projects, have more than 5 extensions.

What would you do if you were the CEO of Kodular? Server fees are high, and there is not much revenue to pay them.

Yes, hopefully, and sharing different opinions is in no way against that.
But as soon as opinions are suppressed or censored, there can be no more peace!

We still have to try our best to maintain a peaceful community. Even if they are censored by Kodular staff, they have a reason. I don’t agree on them always, but I understand that they are facing difficulties as well. Criticize positively in a polite manner. Once when we are in someone’s house, we respect the owner.


Where is new kodular primium

This is.old kodular

I would at first fix these many bugs!
Then the willingness of users to accept fee offers would certainly be higher than is currently the case.
But the limitation to 5 extensions seems arbitrary in any case and should be dropped.

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Yes, Kodular is fixing them. They said that they will fix bugs monthly in previous posts.

I agree, but for now, Diego said that he is deciding to increase the limit. We have to wait.

It would be nice if action would finally follow!