Generic Discussion about Kodular Premium

@Diego ads manager singup not working

Diego we need more extension limit!

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Show me free user

i am buy kodular premium 3 day ago
i am use admob extension but show this error please kodular team fix this error

Same problem here. Can’t build apk, but have bought Premium.

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If they did the premium for the monetizations, I don’t see why they took it out on us for the extensions, assets, if you look at the premium plan the only thing they put in wow are the monetizations and I don’t even use them :v

I’m using Kodular Premium but my project hasn’t received approval for monetization yet, I’ve been waiting for 2 days even though, for premium users, the review process is only 24 hours.

Where are new components, it seems the same as old version

What new components? No one said there would be any.

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HI, @kodular_team
I will subscribe for the premium plan but from what I’ve seen that kodular hasn’t yet rolled out the update
can anyone give me any information about this?
@deanart2012 @Diego


Yeh, they rolled but i gues there are bugs

We have located that issue, and we already know how to avoid. We are manually fixing it for new subscriptions, but they won’t take more than 3 hours to reflect the paid plan.
Anyway, it is not a “huge” problem, as Premium works as it should.

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Hello Diego
Please increase the number of extensions in the free plan to more than 5.
10 or 15
I am a student, I cannot afford the premium package. I live in Afghanistan, our problem is that the banking system of our country is in trouble after the arrival of the Taliban.
Please make my user free, I beg you :worried:


Update is just a number
There are no plug-ins for Premium subscribers
We are not answered about Admob components
Even those who subscribed to Premium and used the third-party admob component are facing problems

Why are we not being answered so that we can participate in Premium?

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With the update, all the texts we used in Arabic in different fonts were automatically converted to English

Has anyone else encountered this problem?

show screenshot !

I was very excited about my project (which is not for profit, just educational) but I will be taking a break indefinitely because I don’t meet the maximum limit of 5 extensions where I won’t be able to export my project for testing.

see you later

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