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I wanted to say that I don’t like changing the rules of the game in Kodular. There is a great community supporting it and we learn from each other. We overcome many failures of Kodular and it requires a great effort to work on this platform.

For all this it is not fair that suddenly, without warning, you change the rules of the game. I will finish my project and I will think about continuing or not.

I think you didn’t think about the little Koders when you decided this.

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Why can’t I build the application and errors appear due to the presence of ad components, knowing that I subscribed to Premium. When I go to the Ads Manager page, the page does not work there
thank you in advance

If you have admob components, even if you are a premium user, it will not let you generate the apk/abb file until you remove these components.

Today i have purchased Kodular Premium but steel it’s showing Free plan and i’m unable to export due to free plan. When i click on subscribe it’s redirecting me to subscription details and there it showing " You are subscribed to Kodular Premium.". Please fix the bug as soon as possible, i have urgent projects.

Here is the Screenshot:

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Kodular not allowing to build app using monetization components is very bad idea

It’s a perfectly sensible business decision. People just want to be able to make apps and earn from them without having to pay. That’s not the way the world works.


Nobody is making good money using banner ads. Also, interstitials already consists of kodular commision.

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The money they are making from commission does not cover their costs. Either they look for a new business model which lets them break even or they shut down for good. Take your pick.

Alternatively, if you have a better business model you can tell us here.


Who wants to continue showing ads without paying, this is unfair
I’m the first to want to pay
But we talked a lot about Admob components and added them as internal components, but there was no response
Although if they add Admob more people will move to Premium

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I don’t know why you keep saying this over and over. There is a response: AdMob components will not be re-added. Only AdMob extensions will be allowed.

It’s just ridiculous the difference between admob before and admanager now. 10k impressions to 300. CTR from 69% to 3%

Sem título

Just a student not planning to earn money just want to create something different.


Goodbye and good luck wherever you go. You can ask a mod to close your account.


Why kodular not add admob components? Since kodular know that if they add admob components 99.99% user move to premium plan.

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I need clarification on one part, @Diego does the asset limit also include extensions or are those spaces separate?

For example, an extension is 2.0 MB, does that count towards the 5.0 MB asset limit?


I don’t know how, but AdMob has turned way better than it was before.

No Ad Limit problem anymore and eCPM is also very fair.

What can a developer ask for more from Google

I think assets and extensions are different and will be counted differently.

AdMob and Google Ads Manager can make big issue together if AdMob will be allowed. It better Kodular dont allow AdMob because they already made alot of efforts to make AdManager easy & simple for everyone.

It may raise issues to us (developers). Because by launching 2 Google-Ads Products/Networks from the same platform will also be a big issue.

Because public will try using both & make their Google accounts suspend.


hello, after update my account to premium doesn’t work the plataform i cant open my project and i cant create a new one. i need a solutions

Please don’t be sarcastic.