Geofs flight simulator - review app

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Well, it’s not innapropiate really, but just a webpage in a webviewer doesn’t count as a Kodular app. Maybe if you can provide some extra features alongside with the webviewer?


Ok @Italo let me try
Thanks :blush::+1: for suggestions

That uncomfortably reminds me of my idea with the flight simulator. I have to finally get down to it.


well i am also a child pilot lol
@Rene1898 are you also an aviator
i know from engine startup to shutdown of plane i have done it for boeing 747-737

sorry can u explain me briefly u wanted to make a flight sim app

Uhm… Its not possible in Kodular until and unless somebody makes a flight simulator which is purely Kodular based and maybe you could check on Google how “Review” is spelled.

but using web veiwer it is now possible and if not flight sims are not there then thae also could not be fpp games

But that’s not your work. And anyway Google Play will not accept it until you have permission from developer .

but i wasnt publishing it
is it so even i publish here it is wrong

No its not

do u feel it

No I just said it not illegal


The flight simulator you have made is basically just a webviewer


yes true i did that what if i dont mention webvewier what will be ur expressions

My expression is, that the author of the flightsimulator site you linked in your webview did a great job!

Yes it is by Google by the way it is for free on Google but on Google Play it costs.u can try it if u r aviator like me I will put some screenshots in this topic tomorrow

You did a great job. But do you have permission from the original game developers?

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I want to make an guidance app for newbies at FlightGear and MS Flight “Simulator” 2020. I finally have to do it but I’ve been procastrating it for a long time.

I think I will begin this evening for BOEING 777 (FlightGear).

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@Rene1898 u can take suggestions from me about planes I know much about planes