Geometry Calculator

Geometry Calculator

Calculates some problems of plane geometry. For school or Engineering.

Geometry Calculator, calculates some problems of plane geometry. For school or Engineering.
Is a simple app, with a simple interface.
It now calculates:

  • Distance between two points by coordinates (distance DeltaX DeltaY Angle).
  • Center of a Circle by coordinates of three points.
  • Interseccion between two lines.

Will be added soon more calculations.


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Keep up the wonderful work


New interface.
New menu - Angle conversion.


Hi! Could you explain How you did the graph?. I´m studying high school and I have almost the same project and I would like to add a graphing function, first of all, Thanks!

It’s a “static” graph made in Powerpoint. It could be “adjustable” to points or data entry but it is complex to program … The images should saw just as example.


Actually you can do it also with canvas component and x,y coordinates

Well, I tried to, It graph my line but small and I don’t know why even when I set it to automatic or fill parent, could you please help me?

These are my settings:

My graph procedure:

Also, I don´t know how to make a grid, I would appreciate a lot if you help me.

Do you want to create a grid like this ?

Wait, in few minutes You will have blocks and aia …
Just ,wait…

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You can create grid like this


Now in order to graph your line you should consider that in a canvas for example 300px by 300px
x = 0, y = 0 is the top left corner of the canvas, x = 300, y = 300 is the bottom right and the middle is
x = 150 and y = 150 Try a see how it works

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wait…soon aia file…

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Of course!

Okey Ima try

Yes, I want something like GeoGebra